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We have started to assemble a collection of the best videos about SOF. We will be adding more to this page over the next few months. If you know of a recording that could, or ought, to be shared, please let us know. You will find a form your might use here.

One of Britain’s most interesting – and controversial – philosophers of religion looks back on a lifetime grappling with the understanding of Christian faith. He is in conversation with Peter Armstrong, the producer of the original BBC series The Sea of Faith, in which Don Cupitt told the story of the challenges to traditional belief from scientists and philosophers from Galileo to Wittgenstein.

‘Compass’, is a weekly ABC programme “reflecting and exploring faith, belief and values in Autralia and around the globe” presented by Geraldine Doogue since 1988.

This episode, broadcast on 23rd March 2003, caught up with Don Cupitt and others (including Lloyd Geering and Stephen Batchelor) at the Sea of Faith (New Zealand) Annual Conference in 2002.

In 2011 ‘The Big Question’ on the BBC asked ‘Can you be a Christian but not believe in God?’, and there to answer the question on behalf of SOF were David Paterson, a founding father of Sea of Faith and Dinah Livingstone, editor of Sofia.

You can see here how they acquitted themselves by watching that section of the programme.

In 2016 Peter Armstrong, the producer of the original BBC series The Sea of Faith, came to the SOF Annual Conference at Leicester University and interviewed Don Cupitt and members of SOF about its history and its future.

An interview with the theologian and philosopher Don Cupitt about his life and work. Filmed on 16th February 2009 with Professor Alan Macfarlane and edited by Sarah Harrison. Generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

From a collection of Film Interviews with Leading Thinkers published by the University of Cambridge

'SOF: In Conversation' Presentations

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2022 Annual Conference