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In the column on the left is an archive of some book reviews published by SOF mainly before 2005. We are assemling a similar list for the years since then, which we be posted in right hand column soon.

 by Don Cupitt

by Lloyd Geering

by James Adams

  • Adams, James R; So You Think You’re Not Religious? A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Church; Boston: Cowley Publications, 1989. 0936 384 697; Reviewed by the Rev Benjamin Pratt
  • Adams, James R; So You Can’t Stand Evangelism? A Thinking Person’s Guide to Church Growth; Boston: Cowley Publications, 1994. 156 1010 960; Reviewed by Betsy Humphreys
  • Adams, James R; From Literal To Literary: The Essential Reference Book For Biblical Metaphors; Rising Star Press, Colorado, in association with the Center for Progressive Christianity; 352pp; 2005; $22.95; Reviewed by Patti Whaley

by Stephen Mitchell

by David Boulton

by Nigel Leaves

by Thomas Altizer

by Richard Holloway

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