Sofia 91

March 2009

Where Is Christ’s Body?

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  • Front Cover Image: Women at the Empty Tomb, St Alban’s Psalter 1119-23
  • Back cover image: Christ Pantocrator, apse of Cefalù Cathedral, Sicily, twelfth century



  • As Kingfishers Catch Fire  by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • Work  by John Rety
  • The Boy  by John Rety
  • From: Jerusalem  by William Blake


  • Rob Wheeler reviews The Meaning of the West by Don Cupitt
  • Jennifer Jeynes reviews Progressive Secular Soociety by Tom Rubens
  • George Gelber reviews The Eye of the Needle  by Jon Sobrino
  • Alison McRobb reviews Oral History by Aileen Latourette
  • Christopher Truman reviews Crossing the Snowline  by Pauline Stainer


  • Current Affair by Owl
  • Mayday Notes