Sofia 74

November 2005

Down with God

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Articles and Features

  • The Kenosis of God by Philip Knight
  • Love’s Domain: A Eucharist by Peter Lumsden
  • Asking Why by Michael Senior
  • Does Cosmic Order Imply an Orderer? by John MacDonald Smith
  • No Turning Back by John Challenor
  • This I Can Say by Peter Mavromatis


  • Bring Me the Sunflower by Eugenio Montale
  • A Thing in Bach by Arnold Rattenbury
  • An Encounter with Rembrandt; On Earth by Cicely Herbert


  • Book: Janet Trisk reviews The Greening of Christianity by Lloyd Geering
  • Music: Counterpoint: A Way to Unity Cicely Herbert listens to some recent initiatives for peace by musicians in London
  • Book: Patti Whaley reviews Saturday, the new novel by Ian McEwan
  • Book: Alison McRobb reviews Meanings of Life by Alex Wright
  • Book: Taking Flight. Christopher Hampton reviews Mr Dick’s Kite, the new poetry collection by Arnold Rattenbury


  • Announcing our new Letters Editor
  • Mayday Notes