Sofia 128

June 2018


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  • Front cover image :   The Feeding of the 5000, from The Gospel in Art by the Peasants of Solentiname, ed Philip and Sally Scharper (Orbis, Maryknoll NY, 1984).
  • Back cover image :  Rodin, The Kiss. Photo:



  • Tapestry by Roy Lockett
  • Leighton Road by Roy Lockett


  • Anthony Freeman reviews Geering Interviews by Mike Grimshaw
  • David Boulton reviews Victorian Agitator: George Jacob Holyoake by Stephen Yeo
  • Ben Whitney reviews The Christian Middle Way: The Case against Christian Belief but for Christian Faith by Robert M Ellis
  • Kathryn Southworth reviews Sanctuary by Isabel Bermudez

Regulars and Occasionals

  • Letters
  • Revisiting: David Lambourn revisits The Roots of Romanticism by Isaiah Berlin
  • As I Please: John Pearson visits Finland

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