Sofia 117

September 2015

Nowhere Else But Here

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  • Front cover image :  Men’s Bathing Pond, Hampstead Heath.
    (photo DL)
  • Back cover image :  Painting: ‘Another World is Possible’ – World Social Forum motto/’A World with Room for Every World’
    – Zapatista motto.


  • Let’s Hear It for Utopia! by David Boulton
  • The Planet and the People by Francis McDonagh
  • Radical Theology versus Religious Radicalisation by Dominic Kirkham
  • Freud versus Jung A Response by Edward Walker


  • Thomas More’s First Step in Heaven by Nicholas Bielby
  • A Legend of St Francis Umbrian Folk Song translated by Dinah Livingstone
  • The Unicorn ‘Orpheus Sonnet’ by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by J.B. Leishman
  • Canticle of the Creatures by Francis of Assisi, translated by Dinah Livingstone


  • Theology: David Lambourn reviews Treasure Beneath the Hearth: Myth, Gospel and Spirituality Today by Edward Walker
  • Theology: Michael Morton reviews Christianity in Review: A History of the Faith in 50 Books by Anthony Kenny
  • Society: Pat Caddick reviews A Disreputable Priest: Being Gay in anti-Gay Cultures by Ian Corbett
  • Social Philosophy: Barbara Burfoot revisits The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine
  • Poetry: Kathryn Southworth reviews The Naming of Things by Nicholas Bielby

Regulars and Occasionals

  • SOF Sift by Carol Holt
  • As I Please. John Pearson ruminates on the film Mr Holmes