Sofia 101

September 2011

Brain, Belief & Behaviour

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  • Front cover image Le Penseur. Rodin statue in the Musee Rodin garden, Paris
  • Back cover image :  London taxi driver with newborn baby and parents

Articles and Features


  • Prayer by George Herbert
  • Two’s Company, One’s a Crowd by Edward Storey


  • Social Study: David Paterson reviews Is God Still an Englishman? by Cole Moreton
  • Novel: Richard Wood-Penn reviews Star Pilgrim by Simon Small
  • Local History: A Corner of Lambeth. Elizabeth Fleming takes a stroll round historic Lambeth.

Regulars and Occasionals

  • SOF Sermon by Stephen Mitchell
  • Letters
  • SOF Sift by Hilary Campbell
  • Radio Rockall
  • Mayday Notes