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Magazine Archives

There are two archives of our magazines.

One is a list of all the editions of Sofia since 2004, where you can see a full list of contents for each one, with links to those articles that are available for non-members to read.

The second archive is a list of all the magazines since 1990 with links to Pdfs of the complete editions. Access to the complete magazine archive is a privilege of membership. You have to log in to read them.

Sofia is the magazine of the Sea of Faith Network (UK) and is published quarterly. It is free to all members of the UK network. Non-members can subscribe to the magazine annually.

The Network has published its magazine since 1990. Issues 1-74 (1990-2004) of the magazine were first called Sea of Faith, then SOF.

Issues 1-10 were edited by Clive Richards

Issues 11-21 were edited by David Boulton

Issues 22-27 were edited by Anthony Freeman

Issues 28-51 were edited by David Boulton

Issues 52-67 were edited by Paul Overend

Since Issue 68 in 2004 the magazine has been edited by Dinah Livingstone and its name was changed to Sofia from issue 75.