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The SOF Network is managed by a board of trustees and by members who help them in various capacities. They are all volunteers. 

Please use these lists to find the person who is most likely to help you, bearing in mind that they will not always be able to respond promptly and, if you call, please be prepared to leave a message.

If you are not sure who to ask then please send an email or call the chair or the secrretary. To learn how to become a member or a magazine subscriber, or how to log in to join the conversation, please click here.

Stephen Williams
0121 449 4816

Edward Nickell
07916 698982

David Lambourn
07590 834441

Dinah Livingstone
020 7485 3830

Oliver Essame
07751 599837

John Pearson
07809 288213

Solarity &
Big Ideas For RE
Dave Francis
07968 025322

SOF Board of Trustees & Officers — 2022/23

Stephen Willliams

Edward Nickell
& Membership)

David Lambourn

Dinah Livingstone
(Editor of Sofia)

Oliver Essame

Dave Francis
(Solarity/Big Ideas for RE)

Stephen Mitchell

John Pearson
   (Editor of Portholes)

Janet Seargeant